Marvels of that nature are only done by “Atman”, the great Universal Spirit of life; “Alaya”, the Super-Soul of Emerson, the great soul of the world. These marvels have only been done by my internal God, my “Purusa”, my “Superior Being”, my Inner-Self, my Internal Master, my Monad, my Internal Angel, before who, I have to kneel, because he is Atman, the Ineffable.

This can also be done by the Internal God of any of thee, because “Atman” is the Omnipotent and the Ineffable.

Masters are many, but the “Soul-Master” is one: The Soul of the World, the divine “Alaya” that seems to be many. Samael Aun Weor is the authentic name of a flame of the great blaze, before whom I must prostrate myself. Aun Weor means “Will of God” and the Will of God is what has written this work. Therefore, when we talk of Avitchi, we do not say anything new, almost all the better spiritualists comment, describe, mention it. So what?

Samael Aun Weor. Zodiacal Course

The ABSOLUTE RADICAL ZERO in transcendent Arithmetic, the abstract space in Geometry, the unknowable Seity (do not mistake for seity, which is different) is not born, it doesn't die nor reincarnate.

From this all unknowable or radical zero, emanates at the beginning of every sidereal Universe the Pythagorean Monad, the Gnostic FATHER-MOTHER, the Indus PURUSHA-PRAKRITI, the Egyptian OSIRIS-ISIS, DUAL PROTOGONOS or Cabalistic ADAM-KAIDMON, the TEOS-CHAOS from Hesiod's Theogony, the UR-ANAS or Chaldean Fire and Water, the RUACH ELOHIM  or THE LORD'S DIVINE SPIRIT floating over the Genesis' waters from the first instant.

In the PROFOUND NIGHT only darkness were filling limitless all since Father, Mother and Son were one once again, and the Son hadn't waken up yet for the wheel and his peregrination in it.

After these words OREMUS, let's meditate... let's worship. Let's go now to the deepest part of our Being and in the absence of the I let's search with infinite humbleness.

Over there... pretty deep... beyond the body, the affections and the mind, we will find the child HORUS, the divine spirit, our Real BEING, in the arms of his DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, ISIS, "to whom no mortal has ever raised the veil". She is in reality the feminine aspect of Osiris, the Father who is in secret; He himself is the masculine part of ISIS. Both of them are the IOD-HEVE of the Hebrews, Jah-Hovah or Jehovah.

May the gods listen to me and may the men understand me! Just like the furious waves that crash against the sandy beach comes with tremendous force from the deep sea, so raises up from the infinite womb of SARAS-WATI, the eternal MOTHER-SPACE, she raises up and express inside us, the IGNEOUS SERPENT OF OUR MAGICAL POWERS, our particular Cosmic Mother.

The Lord is even deeper inside and as H.P.B. says, there are as many Father in Heaven as men in Earth; nevertheless all of them are emanations of BRAHAMA, the ocean of the Great Life. OSIRIS, ISIS  and HORUS you three, give us a signal and come to us.
FATHER, MOTHER and SON, divine TRIMURTI  ineffable and terribly Divine, three aspects of our authentic Being.

Samael Aun Weor. Christmas Message 1969-1970

38. Kundalini is the spouse of Shiva, the Innermost, the Purusha.

39. Kundalini is the spirit of electricity...

... 43. Prana is the Vital Christ or Great Breath. That Vital Christ is modified into Akasa, within which the Son, the First Begotten, the Purusha of every human being, is hidden.

Samael Aun Weor. The Mysteries of the Fire