It is urgent to know “States of Consciousness.” Each event is complemented with this or that psychological state.

The states are internal and the events are external. So, external events are not everything.

Let it be understood that internal states are good or bad disposition, preoccupation, depression, superstition, fear, suspicion, mercy, self-commiseration, overestimation of oneself, states of one’s sentiments of happiness, states of pleasure, etc.

Unquestionably, internal states can correspond exactly to external events; they can be originated by the latter, or they can not have any relationship with them whatsoever.


Each event has its special characteristic flavor. The interior states also are of a distinct type. This is incontrovertible, irrefutable.

Indeed, the interior work upon oneself emphatically refers to the diverse psychological states of the consciousness.

No one can deny that in our interior we carry many errors and that erroneous states also exist.

If indeed we want to change, we need with maximum and unavoidable urgency to radically modify those erroneous states of our consciousness.

The absolute modification of the erroneous states originates complete transformations in the field of practical life.

Obviously, when one seriously works on the erroneous states, then the unpleasant events of life can no longer hurt so easily.

We are stating something that can only be comprehended by living it, when indeed one experiences it precisely in the field of actions.

Whosoever does not work on himself is always a victim of circumstances; he is like a miserable log on the boisterous waters of the ocean.

Events incessantly change in their multiple combinations; they come one after another in waves; they are influences...

Indeed, good and bad events exist. Some events will be better or worse than others.

Certainly, to modify certain events, to alter results, to modify situations, etc., is possible amidst the number of possibilities.

However, some factual situations, which truly cannot be altered exist.

These cases must be consciously accepted, even when some become dangerous and even painful...

Unquestionably such a grief disappears when we do not identify ourselves with the problem that has arisen...

We must consider life as a successive series of interior states. The authentic history of our life in particular is formed by these states...

When reviewing the totality of our own existence, we can then verify for ourselves in a direct manner that many unpleasant situations were possible thanks to wrong interior states...

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpts from chapters 6 and 8, Revolutionary Psychology.