In the human Being there are two perfectly defined factors: the PERSONALITY  and the ESSENCE.

The PERSONALITY  is formed at home, in the school, in the environment; it's the result of the education, the example of the habits, etc. The Personality is the INSTRUMENT OF THE I. Another thing is the ESSENCE (of the Soul), which belong to the Soul. Commonly, the embryo of the Soul that every Human Being has incarnated, remain stopped in its development when the I strengthen the Personality. The I is Satan is us. An strong I  and a Personality extremely developed are enough as to stop the ESSENCE's growth.

Samael Aun Weor. Universal Charity.

The human Being is born with the ESSENCE but not with the PERSONALITY. It is necessary to create the latter.

In the ESSENCE we have everything that is ours; in the PERSONALITY we have
everything that is borrowed.

The PERSONALITY is a mere vehicle of action, a vehicle that needed to be created,

In the ESSENCE we have our innate qualities; in the PERSONALITY we have the example
of our elders, what we have learnt at home, in school and in the streets.

The HARMONIOUS development of PERSONALITY and ESSENCE gives as a result, brilliant
men and women.

It is urgent that children receive nourishment for the ESSENCE and nourishment for

The ESSENCE feeds itself with tenderness, limitless affection, love, music, flowers,
beauty, harmony, etc.

The PERSONALITY should feed itself with good examples from our elders, with wise
teaching at school, etc.

The PERSONALITY in itself, is only a vehicle and nothing more. Through the
personality, the EGO or the BEING can manifest itself; everything depends on us.

Every RETURN implies, of course, the fabrication of a new Human Personality, this is
formed during the first seven years of childhood.

The family environment, the life in the street and school give the HUMAN PERSONALITY its original, characteristic tint.

It is absurd in any count to feed a CHILD'S PERSONALITY with arrhythmic, inharmonious, vulgar music.

It is stupid to feed the PERSONALITY of children with stories of thieves and policemen, with scenes of vice and prostitution, dramas of adultery, pornography, etc.

We can see the result of such actions in the Revels Without A Cause, the premature murderers, etc.

Time is round and the life of the HUMAN PERSONALITY is a closed curve.

The life of the Human Personality develops in its time, is born in its time and dies in
its time, it can never exist beyond its time.

Samael Aun Weor. Fundamental Education.

Two things go to the grave. The first is the physical body, and the second is the human personality. As we have already said, the latter is formed during the first seven years of infancy and is strengthened with experiences. Sometimes the personality wanders through the cemetery, or leaves its grave when the mourners visit and bring flowers. But the personality soon disintegrates. The personality is energetic and atomic. The personality is perishable. There is no future for the personality of a dead person, it is mortal.
The personality is not re-incarnated. The personality is a child of its time and dies in its time.

Samael Aun Weor. The Book of the Dead