There is a bold hypothesis, which suggests the existence of a phantom universe similar to our own:

“Only a very weak interaction between these two universes exists, therefore, we do not see this other world which is mixed with our own.”

Revolutionary scientific Gnosticism goes much further into this question, emphatically affirming the harmonious coexistence of an infinitude of parallel universes.

The radical exclusion of this transcendental scientific concept would leave a considerable series of unclassified events without a logical explanation, such as mysterious disappearances, etc.

On the perfumed and delectable shores of a river, which joyfully and happily sings while gliding within the profound jungles of a tropical region of South America, a group of innocent children watched in horror as their own beloved mother disappeared. She floated in the air for a few moments, then apparently submerged herself into another dimension.

“On a summer day of 1809, Benjamin Bathurst, Ambassador of England in the Court of Austria, was in a small city of Germany. His chariot stopped before an inn. The Ambassador got off the chariot and walked a few steps -the horses hid his figure for a moment. The innkeeper, the Ambassador’s servants, and some travelers who were present there did not see him again. He never reappeared.”

In these unlucky days of life, the mysterious disappearances of men, women, children, ships, airplanes, etc. are scandalously multiplying in spite of the secret intelligence services and of the marvelous radar and radio equipment which theoretically should not permit such mysteries to exist in their dominion.

The concept of parallel universes is by all means more exact and more scientific than the famous subjective planes of the reactionary pseudo-occultism.

A deep analysis would take us to the logical conclusion that such universes exist not only in the superior dimensions of space, but also within the submerged infra-dimensions.

It is in no way an absurdity to affirm with complete clarity that within each parallel universe a series of universes exist. Let us refer to these as atoms, molecules, particles, cells, organisms, etc.

Please dear reader, be so kind as to reflect and comprehend. We are not speaking of universes of anti- matter, which are something totally different. Anti-matter obeys the exact same laws as our matter, but each one of the particles by which it is compounded has an inverted electrical charge in relation with the matter, which we know.

Millions of galaxies constituted of anti-matter exist within the profound bosom of Mother-Space, but they also have their own parallel universes.

No physicist ignores that this universe in which we live, move and die in, exists thanks to certain constants: Speed of Light, constant of Planck, number of Avogadro, elemental charge, electro volt, energy in repose of a body of one kilogram of mass, etc.

When a universe possesses radically different constants, then it becomes totally strange and unimaginable for us. However, if the differences are not so great, interferences with our world become possible. The modern wise men have invented an astonishing magical mirror: The Accelerator of Protons.

The scenes of our neighboring parallel universe, situated in the fourth dimension, certainly are astonishing.

The extraordinary behavior of a certain mysterious particle named Meson K causes perplexity, indecision, uncertainty.

Three Chinese scientists Lee, Yang and Mrs. Wu, who live and work in the United States, discovered with surprise and amazement that the Law of the Conservation of Parity is not accomplished by the Meson K particles.

This admirable, stupendous and portentous discovery came to demonstrate that the Meson K is behaving in a strange manner because it is disturbed by the marvelous and extraordinary forces of a parallel universe.

Modern scientists are dangerously approaching the fourth dimension, and they even intend to pierce it with the help of the Neutrino.

The Neutrino is prodigious, portentous and astonishing. It possesses the capacity of crossing through an infinite thickness of matter without any appreciable reaction.

Photons or grains of light can come from the unalterable infinite, but only a delicate sheet of paper is needed in order to stop them.

onetheless, the Neutrino can pass through the planet Earth in its totality as if it were a void. The Neutrino is by all means the indicated agent in order to penetrate into the neighboring parallel universe.

It has been a long time since the famous Italian scientist named Bruno Pontercorvo proposed the construction of a Neutrino telescope. His idea was astonishing and momentous. Penetration into the neighbouring parallel universe could be possible with such a revolutionary optic instrument.

Certainly, it is remarkable to know that the Meson K particles, whose strange activity permitted the Chinese scientists to establish the hypothesis of the parallel universes, are obtained via the disintegrating effects of Neutrino emissions.

The parallel universes mutually interpenetrate without confusion. Each one possesses its own space which is not of our circuit.

Revolutionary scientific Gnosticism goes much further than simple hypothesizes and suppositions, and solemnly affirms the existence of parallel universes.

Students of esotericism need a spiritual cultural revolution. This matter of Planes and Sub-Planes is a matter or theme that has never been clear and objective, and has only succeeded in conducing us into confusion. To modify the Esoterist’s lexicon is urgent. A new occult vocabulary is needed, a revolutionary special language that can exactly serve the Aquarian ideology.

Instead of the aforesaid metaphysical planes and of many pompous theories, it is better to talk of parallel universes.

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Course of Runic Magic