Goethe, the great German Initiate says in his Faust: "before all you must study Metaphysic".

The authentic metaphysic of the great esoteric schools from the East and West emphatically states that every phenomena in Nature is intimately connected with all the phenomena that surround it. No phenomena can be isolated and when you study it by its own it may seems an absurd.

The Law of Cause and Effect is the secret machinery of Nature.

Every Nature's phenomena is movement in a superior space.

In an inferior space in relationship to our space, the mechanical movements are translated into phenomena.

In a superior space the mechanical movements simply are properties of the solids apparently without movement.

The movement observed by the bi-dimensional creatures is for us a property of the solids apparently without movement.

The phenomena of life are birth, grow, reproduction and death of the living creatures, the ordered linking of all these phenomena is movement of solids in a superior space.

The mechanical movement of the tridimensional world like light, heat, color and sound. Biochemical, physicochemical, catalytic, etc. are simple manifestations of certain tetra-dimensional processes only perceptible with the spatial sense developed.

Inside every tridimensional body there are tetra-dimensional  processes. The vital basis of every organism is tetra-dimensional.

The metaphysics always has said that everything is subjected to changes, that nothing is quiet, that everything is born, develops and dies.

Marx was regrettably mistaken believing that the metaphysics considers Nature as something quiet and still, stagnant and immutable.

It is a good thing for the fanatics of the Marxism-Leninism to study the whole Oriental Yoga, the Veranta, the Esoteric Buddhism, etc., etc., etc. so they get convinced that Marx never studied the metaphysic.

Marx's attacks to Metaphysic has no value at all because the elemental logic says: "the opinion from a critic has no value if he doesn't fully know the cause".

Samael Aun Weor. Social Christ.

We Gnostics separate ourselves from the antithetical struggle which exists between metaphysics and dialectic materialism. These are the two poles of ignorance, the two antitheses of error.

We take another path. We are Gnostic. We look at life as a complete whole.

An object is a point in space which serves as a vehicle to determined sums of values.

Inspired knowledge allows us to study the intimate relationship existing between the forms and values of Great Nature.

Dialectic Materialism does not know the values, only studies the object. Metaphysics does not know the values, neither knows the object.

We Gnostics distance ourselves from the two antitheses of ignorance; we study man and Nature integrally.

Life is all energy, both determined and determining. Life is subject and object at the same time...

..Matter is condensed energy. When the vibration is very slow, the mass is beneath the limits of external sensorial perception. When the vibratory movement is very fast, the mass is above the limits of external sensory perception. With a telescope it is only possible for us to see worlds whose level of vibration is active within the limits of external sensory perception.

Above and below the limits of external sensory perception, there exist worlds, solar systems, and constellations which are populated by living beings of all kinds.

So-called matter is energy which condenses into infinite forms of mass.

The external senses of perception are able to perceive very little.

Dialectic materialism and metaphysics are now out of date and antiquated.

We the Gnostic brethren proceed along a different path.

Samael Aun Weor. Tarot and Kabala