All motion is co-essential to sound. Wherever motion exists, sound exists. The human ear only manages to perceive a limited number of loud vibrations. Nevertheless, above and below these vibrations, which the ear registers, there are multiple sonorous waves, which nobody manages to perceive. The fish of the sea produce their peculiar sounds.

The ants communicate among themselves by means of sounds that are inaudible to our human perception. Sonorous waves, acting upon water produce the motion of elevation and pressure of the waters. Sonorous waves, acting upon the air, produce concentric movements. The atoms, on spinning around their nuclear centers, produce certain sounds, which are imperceptible to man. Fire, Air, Water and Earth has their particular sonorous notes.


And the “SEVEN VOWELS” of Nature: I-E-O-U-A-M-S, resound in the entire Creation! Each flower, each mountain, each river, has its own peculiar note, its synthetic note. The ensemble of all the sounds produced l the Planetary Globe produces a SYNTHETIC NOTE in the immense core of the infinite space. Each World has its KEYNOTE. The ensemble of all the Keynotes of the Infinite, form the ineffable orchestration of the starry spaces; this is the Music of the Spheres of which Pythagoras spoke to us about.


If a musician playing an instrument, was to hit the Keynote of a man, and prolonged that note to the maximum, that man would die instantly. All the cells of the human organism are sustained by Sound, by the Verb. The atoms of the entire organism live in incessant motion. All that is in motion makes a sound, and the Logos makes sounds. The Synthetic Note of every atomic movement of the human organism, could by a Law of Vibratory Affinity, instantly kill the human being.

It is said that when Joshua blew the trumpet, the walls of Jericho fell. Joshua hit the keynote of those walls. In the army, it is known that when a battalion is going to cross a bridge, they should break the march so as no to destroy the bridge’s stability with their sonorous rhythm. If the note of a piano is played, and if there is another piano nearby, the latter will repeat the same note of the former.

This is due to the law of Vibratory Affinity. Apply this example to the case we mentioned. Really, if the musician was to produce the keynote of a man and prolonged it too long, by the Law of Vibratory Affinity, the phenomenon of the two pianos would repeat itself in the man’s organism, and then this would mean instant death in other words, a very intense commotion beyond the resistance of the normal equilibrium of the man’s structure.


The word produces objective geometric figures. Said figures are filled with cosmic matter and crystallize materially. In the beginning was the Verb and the Verb was with God, and the Verb was God; because of Him, all things were made! The geometric figures of words are concretely demonstrated on recording tape. It is enough to pass the needle over the tape for all the words pronounced by the speaker to resound with intensity.


Phonetic combination made with wisdom produces the MANTRAMS. Therefore, a MANTRAM is a wise combination of letters whose sounds determine spiritual, psychic, and also physical effects.

Before all the languages of the Tower of Babel were revealed, only one language, a language of gold, a universal idiom existed. That language has its perfect Cosmic Grammar. The letters of that golden language are written in entire Nature. Whoever has studied the Nordic runes, and the Hebrew, Chinese, and Tibetan characters, will be able to perceive by intuition, that “Cosmic Language” with its enigmatic letters.

Samael Aun Weor. Logos, Mantra, Theurgy