Laconic Action of the Being

the creation

The Laconic Action of the Being is the concise manifestation, the brief actuation which the Real Being of each of us carries out in a manner that is synthetic, mathematical and exact like a Pythagorean Table.

I want you to reflect very well on the Laconic Action of the Being. Remember that above, in infinite space, in the starry space, every action is the result of an equation and an exact formula. Likewise, from mere logical deduction, we should emphatically affirm that our true image, the Inner Kosmic Man is beyond false values, is perfect.

Unquestionably, each action of the Being is the result of an equation and exact formula There have been cases in which the Being has succeeded in expressing himself through someone who has achieved a change of image, values and identity and then, that someone has, in fact become a prophet, an enlightened one.

But, there have also been lamentable cases of persons who have served as vehicles of the Being himself and in truth have not comprehended the intentions of the divine.

When someone who serves as a vehicle of the Being does not work disinterestedly in favor of humanity, he has not understood that he is an equation and an exact formula of every laconic action of the Being. Only the one who renounces the fruits of action, who does not expect any reward whatsoever, who is only motivated by love to work in favor of his fellowmen, has certainly comprehended the Laconic Action of the Being.

I repeat, we need to undergo a total change of ourselves. Image, values and identity should change. How beautiful it is to have the young image of a terrestrial man, but we should, and, it is better to have the spiritual and celestial image here and now in flesh and bones.

Instead of possessing the values of the ego, the positive values of the being should be in our heart and in our mind.

Instead of having a gross identity, we should have the identity placed at the service of the Being.

Let us reflect on the necessity of becoming the living expression of the Being...

The Being is the Being and the reason of being of the Being is being itself.

The Revolution of the Dialectic