The Olimpus the Gods' dwelling becomes the Christian heaven; every Religion has its heaven. Let's remember the Chinkse heaven, the heaven of the Germans, the Escandinavians', the Japanese's, etc. Every religious heaven represents the Superior Worlds studied in Occultism.

Gnosis 20th Century.

If the Soul goes to Heaven after death, as many Religions state, why it doesn't stay there?
Answer.- Heaven is a reward for our good deeds and our good actions, but, when the reward is over then it's clear that we got to return to this world.

Beyond the Death.

All the planes of Cosmic existence mentioned by the Theosophy, can be perfectly synthetized in four region: Hell, Earth, Paradse and Heaven. This is: Minerl World, Celullar World, Molecular World and Electronic World.

The Electronic World is wonderful. In the Molecular World the light and the sound diffuse a 100 times faster than the celullar region, but in the electronic region, it travels instantly not along a line as in the celullar region, not in an area like the smell but through a volume in the space and being it independent from any atmosphere it can travel to the sun in seven minutes.
In the electronic world we are light and we live in every thing. We live there the tremendous reality of the UNITY of life. The electronic bodies move freely with the Great Light in the Divinal Space. The human consciousness dressed with its electronic body, includes inside itself the life and consciousness of all the beings in the Universe. This is the Yoga, the union with God.

The Leyend of Zoroastro says: "any one whose good deeds exceeds in three graims his sin, goes to heaven; any one whose sin is greater to hell; as for the one whose both are equal, remains in the Hamistikan until the future body or resurrection".

Yhe molecular region is the regio of Paradise. Those beings who seffered a lot in life and who were relatively very good in life, get submerged in the happiness of the molcular world before taking a new physical body. The molecular regions are saturated of happiness. The human essences, in absence of the PLURALIZED "I", enjoy in those ineffable regions.

The Book of the Dead.

It is ostensible that the "Nine heavens" of the "Divine Comedy" from Dante, are Nine Dimensions of a Superior type, intimately related with the Nine of an inferior type.

These Nine Heavens have an Atomic Center of Gravity located exactly in the center of the planet Earth.

In other words, I want to tell you, and all of you, ladies and gentlemen, that the Nine Heavens gravitate in the Central Atom of the planet Earth, extending far beyond the whole Solar System. This same process repeats itself with each of the planets of the "Solar System of Ors".

Yes there is hell, yer there is devil, yes there is karma.

Question: And the hell, the heaven and the purgatory, where are they?

Answer.- The hell is our lower animal passions. The purgatory only are the remorses of the lost souls. The heaven is Jesus, Maria, Joseph, the angels, the archangels the seraphs and all the good souls. And the devils are the very same bad people.

Gnostic Catechism

There are four circles, four regions, within which are represented all worlds and time systems of matter in the mineral, cellular, molecular, and electronic states. These are the four old worlds: inferno, earth, paradise, and heaven.

The Buddha's necklace.

The heaven is masculine, as Yang and its element is the fire. The earth is feminine, as Ying and its element is the water. In the Taoist doctrine we find white Tantrism. The Ying-Yang and the Dragon and the Tiger are the axis of the Taoism. According to the Taoist interpretation the Ying-Yang is the product T'AI CHI, the raw matter of the Universe and from the sexual union of this pair of opposites results the creation.

Esoteric Course of Kabbalah.