Great Work

the creation

The “Great Work” is, first of all, the creation of the true human being by dint of our will, based on conscious labors and voluntary sufferings.

The “Great Work” is the inner conquest of oneself, of our true liberty in God.

Therefore, if in reality we want the perfect emancipation of our willpower, we need, with a maximum and unavoidable urgency, to disintegrate all those “I’s” that live in our interior.

Nicholas Flammel and Raymond Lully were both meager men, yet they liberated their will and accomplished innumerable psychological prodigies that caused astonishment.

Agrippa never progressed past the first part of the “Great Work.” He lamentably died while struggling in the disintegration of his “I’s” with the objective of possessing himself and establishing his independence.

The perfect emancipation of willpower assures the sage absolute dominion over fire, air, water and earth.

Samael Aun Weor. Revolutionary Psychology