The Age of Aquarius


It is appropriate to cite now among the grandeurs of this poor pygmy of a humanity, that date and hour---February 4th, 1962, between 2 and 3 P.M.---in which all the planets of our solar system got together in a supreme cosmic council, precisely in the brilliant constellation of Aquarius, to initiate the new Era surrounded by the august thundering of thought.

From that memorable date and under the regency of Uranus, the very venerable and most worthy Lord of Aquarius, the Dionysian wave vibrates intensely in the whole of Nature.

The following transcendental news should be emphasized: that this planet has been, is and always will be the brilliant heavenly body that rules and governs intelligently the sexual endocrine glands.

Now you can understand by yourselves the intrinsic cause that at this moment gives rise to the intensive Dionysian vibration.

The concrete fact that the earth-dwellers, in their overwhelming majority, did not rise up to the occasion, and were incapable of polarizing that wave positively is evident and obvious...

Samael Aun Weor. The Three Mountains

Certainly the Gnosis is filling a necessity in this New Age of Aquarius. In the name of Truth I have to tell you that the new Age started precisely on February 4th of 1962, between two and three in the afternoon. Back then there were a celestial traffic jam in the Constellation of the Water man. The observatories in all the countries of the Earth were able to observe such event, it was something known in the four cardinal points of the world. It was something saw in the observatory of Palomares in the United States, or the one in Manila, or the one in London, etc.

This is not an affirmation ä priori without any kind of documentation. En reality this event was a fact, rigorously observed by the Official Science.

The planets of the Solar System got reunited in Supreme Congress, precisely under the Constellation of Aquarius. Since then, as a consequence or corollary the Age of Aquarius, the New Age started.

However, you should know that in this moment the last impulses of Pisces can still be felt, they try to mix with the dawn of Aquarius. There is a kind f mixture between the two currents, the one that is dying and the one that is born, between the old and the new, between what is expiring and what has a revolutionary taste.

As the times goes on the Age of Aquarius will be felt more and more and more.

Obviously this Age brings great events, if we observe rigorously the Constellation of Aquarius we will see that is governed by two planets; the first of them is Uranus, a revolutionary planet, catastrophic a hundred per cent.

The second one is Saturn, this world is represented in the Alchemy by the Black Crow, the Death. It means the fact of returning to the primitive original Chaos, the Divines and the Humans know this. In front of the Constellation of the Water Man is the Constellation of Leo, obviously the sign of Leo is a zodiacal sign of Fire. Unquestionably the Lion of the Law comes to the encounter of a mature-enough and shameful humanity as, let's say, for the Karma or final punishment.

Observe carefully the position of those two Constellations, in one we find the water and in the other the fire. We know very well through the course of history that fire and water have always fought for the destiny of this world.

Without any doubt, as the terrestrial year exists, so it does the great sidereal year. A terrestrial year is the turn of the Earth around the Sun; a sidereal year is the turn or journey of our Solar System around the Zodiacal belt.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the Lecture: The Age of Aquarius.