A-Himsa is the pure thought of India, the "Non-Violence". The A-Himsa is really inspired by the Universal Love. "Himsa" means "wanting to kill", wanting to harm, etc. "A-Himsa" is then, giving up to any intention of killing or damaging caused by violence.

A-Himsa is the opposite to egoism. A-Himsa is altruism and  absolute love. A-Himsa is right action.

The Mahatma Gandhi made of the A-Himsa the crosier of his politic doctrine. We follow the footsteps of the Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi define the politic of the A-Himsa this way:

The Non-Violence consist in giving up to any real fight against evil. The Non-Violence, as I conceive it..., establishes, the other way round, a more active and more real campaign against evil that the rule of an Eye for an Eye, whose nature itself gives as an outcome the development of perversity. I rise up in front of what's immoral a mental opposition, and, therefore, a moral one. I try to rust the sword of the tyrant, not by crossing it against a sharper sword, but by disappointing his hope while not offering any physical resistance. He will find in me a resistance of the Soul which will escape from his assault. This resistance will firstly blind him and next it will force him to give in. The fact of giving in will not humiliate the aggressor, instead, it will dignify him. This could get to be the ideal state. And it is".

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ