The woman, being the receptive, passive element clearly collects and stores the results of the sexual act with all those men who commit adultery with her. Those results are atomic substances from the men with whom she has had sexual intercourse. When a man has sexual relations with a woman who has been with another man or other men, he then absorbs atomic essences of the other men and poisons himself with them.

This is a very grave problem for the brothers who are dissolving the “I”, because then, not only do they have to fight against their own errors and defects, but also, in addition against the errors and defects of those other men with whom the woman had sexual contact.

Samael Aun Weor. The Perfect Matrimony

Sixth commandment of the Age of Aquarius.
6) Thou shalt not commit fornication, nor adultery in though, word and deed.

Samael Aun Weor. Gnostic Catechism

Jesus said to his disciples:
“When I shall have gone into the Light, then herald it unto the whole world and say unto them: Cease not to seek day and night and remit not yourselves until ye find the mysteries of the Light-kingdom, which will purify you and make you into refined light and lead you into the Light- kingdom”...

"... Renounce adultery that ye may be worthy of the mysteries of the Light kingdom and be saved from the Sulphur and pitch-seas of the lion-faced

Samael Aun Weor. The Buddha's Necklace.

Adultery is born from that fatal disenchantment. In the Sphere of Nahema we find the cruel delights Kingdom of the infra-sexuality. In the atomic regions of the Infrasexual sphere of Nahema live all the Don Juan Tenorios and Doña Inés or beautiful Hetaeras, some of them sweet, some cruel. The persons of normal sex, if they do not stay alert and on guard, they could become fatal proselytes of the infrasexuals, those last dress like Saints, Apostles, Anchorites, etc., and thinking of themselves as superior beings, deceive the persons od normal sex and turn them into their minions. Understand as persons of nornmal sex those who have no sexual conflict of any kind.

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Course of Cabala.

In these modern times adultery has become as common as pie and so it is quite logical that this originates Dantesque scenes inside homes.

There are many children that in these times have to bear, filled with pain and resentments, the lashes and beatings of the stepfather or stepmother. It is clear that in this way the personality of the child develops within the frame of pain, rancor and hate.

There exists a vulgar saying: "Another person's child is not wanted anywhere".

Naturally there are also exceptions but these can be counted on the fingers of one hand and we even have fingers left over.

The disputes between father and mother about matters of jealousies, the crying and laments of the afflicted mother or the oppressed, ruined and desperate husband leave on the personality of the child and indelible mark of profound pain and melancholy that is never forgotten his entire life.

Samael Aun Weor. Fundamental Education.

No adulterer will ever achieve the awakening of the Kundalini and the Tatwic powers. (This can also be applied to women. No adulteress will ever achieve the awakening of the Kundalini and the Tawic powers). The Gnostic Initiate male or female who commit adultery lose his/her powers.

God is the Intimate. God is the Inner Being of every man who comes into the world. God is Divine Hermaphrodite, male-female and he has no need of spouse to light His fires, but the man is not God. The man can't light his fires without the woman. The man does need a wife to light his fires because the man is not God.

The man should leave the pride of thinking of himself as God, because the Man is nothing more than a miserable worm that drags through the earth's mud.

Samael Aun Weor. Endocrinology and Criminology.

We the Gnostics are brothers in Christ, because we manage to form the Christ inside us, just like Paul of Tarsus the Apostle teaches us in the Holy Bible. As the man as the woman should become chaste; they can join in matrimony as man and woman, but not as animals, because the human state is already superior than the animal. We do teach to be JUSTS, CHASTS AND SAINTS in thought, word and deed. We probe that the adultery tears down the sacred laces of the matrimony.
Samael Aun Weor. Gnosis in the 20th Century.

10.- I have a very good son who worked and he delivered to me all that he earned; but he felt in love with an older lady, a friend of mine who has three children of a married man; he went to live with her without getting married and even though he worked, he couldn't make the money last to the degree of coming to me, demanding a quantity of money telling me that e was about to start a business, which he never did, but as the money that I gave him ruined out, the lady left him; now he lives alone, he works but he is totally ruined, why is this?

Answer.- At first sight the adultery pops up with all its painful consequences; loss of money, a bad situation, intensive moral sufferings, etc., etc., etc., that's the outcome of the error.

Samael Aun Weor. Beyond the Death.

It has been skillfully dissimulated by men what implies the sixth commandment, let's see how the Sopena Encyclopedia -which almost always reproduces what says the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language- explains it.

Adultery: (from latin: adulterium) M, illegitimate copulation or sexual congress of a man and a woman, being one of them or both married; or, what is the same, the violation physically consummated of the conyugal fidelity by any of the spouses, and Fornication (from Latin fornicare) to have sexual congress or carnal copula outside the Matrimony. (U.t.e.a.)

Whit this it's being indicated that adultery and fornication is the same thing; that's why the erudites treat us as imbeciles. If the one and the other were the same, the Bible wouldn't be talking about adultery and adulterer in twenty five different verses and of fornication in twenty five different verses and of fornicated, fornicating and to fornicate in so many more.

Samael Aun Weor. Christmas Message 1964.

Let's remember the SCHOOL OF YOGANANDA. We know perfectly well the KRIYA of YOGANANDA,  we have studied it deeply... It's incomplete, it's lacking the TANTRAS, it's lacking the TANTRISM from TIBET.  YOGANANDA didn't get the complete KRIYA, therefore, such KRIYA can't SEFL-REALIZE anyone. We don't want to say that such KRIYA is useless, it's clear that's useful as a KINDER, and that's all. What's absurd is to ADULTERATE the GNOSIS, to ADULTERATE the knowledge introducing such KRIYA inside the GNOSTIC MOVEMENT. THE ADULTERY is totally forbidden in the CHRISTIAN GOSPEL.

It is absurd to ADULTERATE THE GNOSIS with DIFFERENT teachings. THE CHRISTIAN GOSPEL forbids the ADULTERY. We can drink the wine of the Gnosis, (DIVINE WISDOM) in a GREEK, BUDDHIST, SUFI, AZTEC, AGYPTIAN etc., etc., etc., coup, but we should not ADULTERATE tat delightful wine with STRANGE DOCTRINES.



Samael Aun Weor. Manifesto 3 of the Age of Aquarius.

The sex is pure brain. Even the rocks have a heart and if we want to turn the sex pure brain and we violate the Law and we adulterate, the outcome will be the total failure, the abyss and the second death. Judas betrays us from instant to instant and if Judas doesn't die from instant to instant we will never get to the path of John. When people set themselves to die (*psychologically) from instant to instant, the happiness will reign at home and the fornication and adultery will end. The divorces are the outcome of passion. Once the passion is dead, there is no more wrong Matrimonies, nor the divorces. There also are who get married because of pure economic interest or because of social conveniences. This is how Judas sells the Christ for 30 silver coins. The outcome is the Divorce.

Nowadays the money gets married with the money, "the more you have the more you value", "the money speaks for you" so say the imbeciles. These insulting people, these blasphemers against the Holy Spirit qualify themselves as practical people and the live constantly getting married and getting divorced if they are lucky enough as not to die by the bullet of the resentful spouse. Really that people ignores what is called Love. However they speak of Love and even swear Eternal Love.

Now is in fashion the magazines with love adverts. Those adverts are pretty funny. "White woman, such height, such capital, eyes of this or that color, that religion, etc., wishes to get married with a gentleman of this age, this capital, this color of skin, this height, etc., etc., etc.". "Gentlemen of such cult, such age, such color of skin, etc., wishes to get married with a woman of this height, this color of skin, this capital, etc." All of this is really funny and horrible. All of this is Prostitution with the approval of the authorities and the society. the outcome of all of this is the pain, absurd matrimonies, prostitution and divorce.

Samael Aun Weor. Matrimony, Divorce and Tantrism.

On the path, there are many brothers who commit adultery, with phrases like these, “My wife is refractory to the spiritualist teachings”, “The other woman I have agrees with my ideas”, “She is the only one with whom I can practice sexual magic to achieve in-depth realization”, etc., and a thousand other mystical phrases. This is how adulterers shut the doors of the temple unto themselves.

There are many brothers on the path who use sexual magic as a pretext to seduce many naive (female) devotees; this is how these mystical adulterers depart from the altar of initiation and fall into the abyss.

Sexual magic can only be practiced between husband and wife in legitimately constituted homes.

There are “little brothers” who steal another’s wife supposedly because that is how the law of karma commands it. All of these crimes have led thousands of spiritualist students to the abyss...

... There are men and women who commit adultery with the pretext of practicing sexual magic to help others. To utilize these teachings to justify adultery is a horrible crime against the Holy Spirit. The adulterer sinks into inner darkness where only tears and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

Sexual magic can only be practiced in properly constituted and organized homes.

Wretched is the one who utilizes sexual magic to justify adultery.

Samael Aun Weor. The Greater Mysteries.

"Oh you, Uamenti Spirit, who appears in the caves of torture! I have never committed adultery!". (The Ego is mystified, corrupted, polluted, false, it enjoys justifying the adultery, sublimating it, giving to it ineffable overtones, subtle, the ego even conceals it, it hides it from itself and from others; it dresses it, decorates it, with legitimate norms and divorce letters; it legalizes it with new wedding ceremonies. The one who covets other's woman is in fact an adulterer even though he never copulates with her; I truly tell you that the adultery in  the subconscious backgrounds of the most chaste people, often have many faces),

Samael Aun Weor. Egyptian Confession of the Papyrus of Nu.

Image: Antoine Coypel "Susan accused of adultery", 1695 - 1696.