Gnostic Conference 2016

Elementals of Nature

"The Wisdom of Nature for the inner balance"

Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico.


How to access the live virtual room?

Time of Mexico City (UTC -5 hours)


Friday July 22nd

9:30 a 14:00 Visit to the Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco (House of the flowers).

19:00 Classical and traditional music concert.

Saturday July 23rd

9:30 a 13:00 Gnostic Conference:
Elementals of Nature; Elemental Magic; Element-o-therapy; Tatwas of Nature; Magic of the Pine; Elementals of Fire and Air.

13:00 a 17:30 Gnostic Conference:
Elementals of Water and Earth; Magic of the roses; Elemental Evolution, Metalo-therapy, The Christ and the Elementals.

Sunday July 24th

9:30 a 13:00 Gnostic Conference:
Elemental healing; Ens Spirituale; The Penate Gods; The Ritual of the New Fire; The Initiatic Path and the Elementals.