Element: Earth
Planet:: Mercury
Metal: Quicksilver
Precious Stone: Emerald and Jasper
Flower: Morning Glory
Plant: Elm
Perfume: White Sandalwood
Regency: Belly, intestine
Date: Aug 23 – Sep 22
Color: Golden Yellow
Key Word: Reason
Ruler: Raphael
Day: Wednesday
Zodiacal Genies: Iadara and Schaltiel

Virgo is the zodiac sign of the virgin mother of the world, is the house of mercury, it’s minerals are the jasper and the emerald.

In practice we have been able to verify that Virgo natives are unfortunately quite excessively reasoning, beyond the normal, and skeptical by nature.

The natives of Virgo are good in science, psychiatry, medicine, naturism, the laboratory, pedagogy, etc., etc., etc. The natives of Virgo cannot get along with Pisces people and that is why we advise them to avoid marriages with Piscean people.

The most lamentable thing of Virgo people is the inertia and skepticism which characterizes them. However, it is interesting to know that that tense inertia tends to go from the material to the spiritual, up to where it is accessible through experience.

The critical-analytical talent of Virgo is formidable and among the great geniuses of this sign is Goethe who succeeded in transcending the material, inertia, and entered high scientific spirituality.

Nonetheless, all Virgo natives are not Goethe. Ordinarily, the materialists, atheists and enemies of everything that smells of spirituality abound among the mediocre of this sign. The egotism of the mediocre people of Virgo is something too grotesque and repugnant, but the “Goethes” of Virgo are genial and highly altruistic and profoundly disinterested.

The natives of Virgo suffer in love and undergo great deceptions, due to the fact that Venus, the star of love, in Virgo, is in exile.