Element Fire

Planet Jupiter

Metal Tin

Precious Stone Blue Sapphire

Flower Hydrangea

Plant Maguey

Perfume Aloe

Regency Femoral arteries

Date Nov 23- Dic 19

Color Blue

Key Word Benevolence

Ruler Zachariel

Day Thursday

Zodiacal Genies Vhcri and Saritaiel

In practice we have been able to verify that those born in Sagittarius are very fornicators and passionate. They love traveling, quests, adventures, sports. The natives of Sagittarius easily get angry then forgive.

The born in Sagittarius are very comprehensive, love beautiful music, own a marvelous intelligence. Sagittarians are perseverant, whenever they seem to have fail, suddenly resurrect from their ashes, like the mythological Phoenix bird, leaving both friends and enemies all stunned.

The naives of Sagittarius are capable of start big projects, even danger threatens.

Sagittarians financial lifestyle sometimes is good but they go through great money crisis. What most harms Sagittarians is lust.