Signo Zodiacal de PiscisPisces 


Sign Pisces

Element Water

Planet Neptune

Metal Tin

Precious Stone Amethyst

Flower Violet

Plant Maguey

Perfume Thyme

Regency Feet

Date Feb 20 – Mar 20

Color Violet

Key Word Dignity

Ruler Rasamosa and Uacabiel

Day Thursday

Zodiacal Genies Rasamosa and Uacabiel


Those born in Pisces usually have 2 wives and several children. They’re dualistic by nature and are willing for 2 professions or vocations. The natives of Pisces are hard to understand, live like fish in everything but still separate from the rest of the liquid element. Fit in everything but deep down, despise mundane matters. They’re exquisitely sensitive, profound and people can’t get them,

The natives of Pisces are gravitated to occultism, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune the planet of esotericism. Piscean women are very nervous, sensitive as the most delicate flower, intuitive, impressionable. Pisceans have good sociable feelings, cheerful, peaceful, give hospitalities by nature.

Laziness endangers Pisceans, negligence, passivity and indifference for life. Pisceans could fall into moral irresponsibility. The Pisceans´ mind oscillates between quick comprehension and fatal laziness and disdain for the most necessary matters for life.

There are two extremes and Pisceans can fall in one or another. The Pisceans will sometimes is strong, but changing some others.

Whenever Pisceans fall into extreme indifference and passivity, they’re dragged by the river of life, but when they realize how bad they are, bet they’re will of steel, changing radically the course of they’re lives.

The superior kind of Pisceans have an unbreakable will of steel and high sense of moral responsibility, also become great enlightened men, masters, etc.

The lower kind of Pisces has a remarkable trend to lust, alcoholism, gluttony, laziness, pride. Pisceans enjoy traveling, but not all of them can travel. Pisceans have a great imagination and tremendous sensitivity. It turns out to be hard to understand Piscean, only Pisceans understand among themselves.

Whatever is a big deal for average people, it isn’t for them, it’s just worthless. However they’re diplomatic, get along with people, pretend to agree with people. What is worst for Pisceans it to choose in regards to marital, since two basic lovers troubles them leading to no way out.