Element: Air
Planet:: Venus
Metal: Copper
Precious Stone: Chrysolite
Flower: Narcissus
Plant: Pine
Perfume: Galbanum
Regency: Kidneys
Date: Sep 23- Oct 22
Color: Green
Key Word: Love
Ruler: Uriel
Day: Friday
Zodiacal Genies: Grasgarben and Hadakiel

Ongoing, we’ve verified that the born in Libra, mostly have some unbalance in regards marital life, or love. These Libra natives

afford a lot of trouble because of they’re so outspoken and revenge.

Self centered Librans prefer things be righteous and fair. People don't quite understand Librans, they sometimes seem to be cruel and ruthless, they neither wish for nor don’t know anything about diplomacy, hypocrisy annoy them, the sweet words of evildoers make them go mad easily far from soften them.

Librans get a hard time forgiving anyone, they have this defect, and they want for the law and that’s it, often forgetting about mercy. The Libra natives love traveling and they’re loyal regarding duties.

The Libra natives are just what they are. frank and revenges. People do get angry at Librans, they’re often misunderstood and subsequently people talk bad about them and get surrounded by enemies for free. Librans neither tolerate nor forgive double faced people, one

must always be either kind and gentle or rough, but never hesitate between sweetness or severity, they just don’t forgive it.

The Libra superior kind always adjudicates total chastity. The lower kind is fornicator and cheater. The superior kind of Libra possesses a sort of spirituality that spiritualists don’t understand and judge wrong. The lower negative of Libra always like goes in fist raw, call for everybody’s attention. But the superior kind rather live anonymous and unknown, never feels attracted to any kind of fame or prestige.

The middle kind of Libra tends to blend many qualities and defects from both superior and lower Libra. To the Libra natives are convenient to marry a Piscean. The born under Libra, like to do charity works regardless of reward, won’t show it off, neither remark. The superior kind loves selected music, recreates himself in it and enjoys uppermost also gravitate for good theater plays, good literature, etc, etc.