Element: Fire
Planet:: Sun
Metal: Gold
Precious Stone: Diamond
Flower: Poppy
Plant: Sunflower
Perfume: Incense
Regency: Heart
Date: Jul 23- Aug 22
Color: Golden
Key Word: Life
Ruler: Michael
Day: Sunday
Zodiacal Genies: Sagham and Seratiel

The Leo natives are energetic and kind at the same time, they are magnanimous, mystical and authoritarian. They have tendency to the rage and they have to fight a lot to dominate this defect.

Leo being the throne of the Sun, announce fortune and high position. The hidden meaning of Leo is intuition. The metal of this sign is the gold and the stone is the diamond.

The Leo natives are authoritarian and they only want to be the boss.

The Leo natives have some journey travelled, morally they suffer a lot.

Leo rules the human heart. The sun of the human organism is the heart, in the heart the upper forces are mixed with the down forces, so the down forces free themselves. The Leo colour is the golden one. In the practice we have been able to verify that the Leo natives are like the Lion, brave, irate, noble, worthy, constant. However there are many people and it is clear that among the natives of Leo we also find the haughty, arrogant, unfaithful, tyrants, etc.

The Leo natives have aptitudes for organization; they developed the feeling and the bravery of the Lion. The people who are developed in this sign become big champions.

The mediocre type of Leo is very sentimental and irate. The mediocre type of Leo overestimates his capacities. In all the natives of Leo exist high mystic in incipient state; everything depends of the kind of person. The Leo natives are always predisposed to suffer hands and arms accidents.