Element: Air
Planet:: Mercury
Metal: Quicksilver
Precious Stone: Beryllium
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Plant: Madreselva
Perfume: Mastic Tree
Regency: Nape, Arms
Date: May 20- Jun20
Color: Orange
Key Word: Reason
Ruler: Raphael
Day: Wednesday
Zodiacal Genies: Sagras and Saraie

The Gemini natives are of strong will, they possess great courage, they are versatile and like to travel. Their lives are a mixture of successes and failures. At times they live in comfort and at other times must endure much misery.

They are very clever, and they get mad easily, the defect of the natives of Gemini is that they try to solve everything with the head.

They always want to to silence the wise voice of the heart and then create problems and difficulties of all types. The Gemini natives are troublemakers by their rare dualism, this double personality that characterize them.

Sometimes the Gemini native results to be a sincere friend, capable of sacrifice his own life for the friendship, by the person who he has gave his love, but any other time is capable of the worst infamy against the same person.