Signo Zodiacal de CapricornioCapricorn


Sign Capricorn

Element Earth

Planet Saturn

Metal Leaden

Precious Stone Black Onyx

Flower Lotus

Plant False Banana

Perfume Pine extract

Regency Knees

Date Dic 20- Jan 19

Color Black

Key Word Obstruction

Ruler Oriphiel

Day Saturday

Zodiacal Genies Sagdalon and Semakiel

Those born in Capricorn are willing for pedagogy, suffer a lot, have a great sense of duty, are practical by nature and go throughout life with a big suffering, someone betrays them.

Capricorn women are wonderful wives and loyal until death, diligent, workers, unspeakably suffering, despite all these virtues, their husbands betray them, leave them, even against their own will. That is their karma unfortunately.

Some Capricorn women get into affair with another men, but only after left abandoned by their husband and had suffer terribly.

Capricorn men and women are pretty much selfish, although not all of them; we mean the lower kind of Capricorn. Despite this selfishness, they afford lots of compromises and also they gain enemies.

The natives of Capricorn attach so much to stuffs, to money and some even become greedy, Capricorn it’s a sign of earth, stable, steady. However, the natives of Capricorn make travels very often, although shortly.

Their moral suffering is terrible, and too much, fortunately their practical sense saves them and they recover sooner from the worst bitterness in life.