Element: Water
Planet:: Moon
Metal: Silver
Precious Stone: Pearl
Flower: White Rose
Plant: Eucalyptus, Cherry tree and the Violet
Perfume: Camphor
Regency: Thymus Gland
Date: Jun 21- Jul 22
Color: White
Key Word: Fecundation
Ruler: Gabriel
Day: Monday
Zodiacal Genies: Ramdhar and Phakiel

They have disposition for the manual arts, they are very sensitive people, and their character changes with the moon phases.

The cancer natives are pacific but sometimes they are quick-tempered.

They like the long trips, they are romantic, affectionate and they have tenacity.

The Cancer natives have a live imagination, but they have to be aware of fantasy, the cancer natives have a soft nature, retracted and shrink, and house virtuosity.

In Cancer we sometimes find some individuals who are too passive, slack, lazy.