logo aries
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Metal: Iron
Precious Stone: Ruby and Diamond
Flower: Red Carnation
Plant The Oak
Perfume Myrrh
Regency Head
Date Mar 21-Apr 19
Color Red
Key Word Action
Ruler Samael
Day Tuesday
Zodiacal Genies Sataaran and Sarahiel

The Aries natives have a warrior nature, they get angry very easily, and as they have a great Martian energy so they feel capable of embarking on great enterprises and carrying them to a good conclusion..

Is very common that they are not happy in Love, because of their easy irritability, this conducts them to displeasures and conjugal separations. The Aries natives have preference for the independent life.

Pride, self confidence, ambition and a truly crazy courage prevail in the character of the natives of Aries.. They like independent living, but many of them prefer the military and in the latter there is no independence.