Logo Aquarius
Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Metal Uranium and Leaden
Precious Stone Sapphire and Black Pearl
Flower Cowslip
Plant Pine and Cypress
Perfume Spikenard
Regency Calf
Date Jan 20- Feb 19
Color Green
Key Word Altruism
Ruler Archer and Sakmakrel
Day Saturday
Zodiacal Genies Archer and Sakmakrel













Those born in Aquarius, are eager for natural science, medicine, chemistry, botanic, astrology, biology astronomy etc, The natives of Aquarius are revolutionary their own way, in their lifestyle, customs, in home and away from home, etc.

The natives of Aquarius surpass as paladins, some have a bigger tendency and others a little, however is a strong tendency to be paladins.

The Aquarians of superior kind are altruist, philanthropic, good, loyal in the friendship, sincere, they know to select their friends, by instinct; by intuition they know people and always want fraternity, humanity.

The Aquarians of superior kind are accurate is his matters, focused, profound, perseverant, and wonderful.

Aquarius women are good mothers, wives, but they like very much be absent from home and this bothers they're husbands, especially if they’re of Taurus.