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How to fight the darkness?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The darkness does not break up with punches, but bringing up the light; neither is the error undone by a melee attack, but spreading the truth, without the need of attacking the error. The more the truth advances, the more the error will have to pull back; there’s no need to resis the evil but to practice the good uncondicionally and to teach it’s advantages by the practice; by attacking the error we will provoke the hatred of those who are mistaken, and so, from being wrong will get to become bad. By attacking the evil  we will provoke the resentment of the bad one , and so, the bad will become worse. What we need is to spread the light to dissipate the darkness.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ

Answer of the Book: The Magic Flute and the Initiation.

“The Sun rays expel the night, anihilated is the power of the hypocrites that had infiltrated just here.”

The light of the immortal wisdom is what we have to spread to the human kind and is what we have to make it express through each one of our acts; this is how we fight against negativity.

Surprisingly we find the same teaching in the Buddha’s Gospel when it says: “As the rays of the Sun sweep the darkness in the world, so the one that perseveres looking for the truth will find it and the truth will enlighten him”; the Master Jesus for his part, says clearly: “You will know the Truth and the Truth willl set you free”.

The Magic Flute and the Initiation. Chapter 13: The Temple of the Sun.